Homily preached at ECC Courtyard  Right Here, Right Now Church: 3/6/16

John 15:1-11

In John’s Gospel today, Jesus is teaching his disciples and preparing them for his departure from this world…assuring them of his love.  Teaching one last time before Judas brings the Temple guards into the garden to arrest him.

Did you catch the word that is said about 12 times in this short passage?  What was it?  Abide

Now, abide can mean many things, but in this Gospel reading today, the word abide means, “to make your home (in)” Jesus tells his disciples that he has made a home (lives in) their hearts, and they live in his heart-

He tells us that he loves us just the way the Father has loved him. He invites us to be at home in his love.  There is one catch; we need to “keep his commands” to stay in this home.

But his commands are pretty simple: Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength AND love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus is telling us to love one another, to abide, to live in each other’s hearts…to find our home there, in a place like no other.

While the world outside doesn’t seem to have a home open for you…Jesus does.

And he’s here, right now, opening the door to his heart – for you to live and abide in forever.  All it takes is for you to open your “heart doors” to Him; and the address will never change, you will never be foreclosed upon, you won’t be evicted, you can unpack all the burdens you’ve been carrying around for years and they will be taken care of, lifted off of your shoulders, here… at this, your new home.  Your forever home.   AMEN

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